Week Three and Four (by Philip Jones)

The writing game is a tough one to come too especially late in life. I rolled up at Central excited, but now three weeks in the doubts have set in and the uphill struggle ahead looks like a very massive mountain range. The Himalayas are coming to mind, in Kings Cross. Can this be right?

Revolution: we are coming to the end of the first drama writing module; the Alligator collaborative creative process has been enjoyable and very positive. A monologue on the theme of revolution.

‘First how do I go from one minute on the page to five!’ ‘Come on Amman that’s a tough challenge?’ Amman’s our co-tutor with Jennifer for the Alligator Club process,

‘You must be kidding?’ ‘No I’m not’. ‘Don’t worry, it will come’. And Amman was right. It did!

It’s been an amazing collaborative experience and first dip into the drama writing craft process. I think we all agree. Even if in some cases we’ve come to it kicking and screaming. Writers? Collaboration? That’s a paradox in itself. Writers usually like to work on their own, well don’t we? Us lonely souls.

Soon my one person monologue about control, new love, relationship breakdown and what freedom means to one individual was turning into a four person monologue. Great!

But then, I can only do that if I can re-cast the actors fro the other Revolution monologues, Oh no, it won’t work!

So back to the drawing board and re-write. A great new writerly experience, on the nursery slopes of drama writing, week four, four re-writes in the end in fact in the same number of weeks.

Eureka, I can do it, with one voice, but telling the story of all these voices going around in my characters head including her own, it works!

It’s there, but not quite, one more session to go and another pass and one more rewrite making it first person. But then in true dramatic style for us un-thespian, thespian egos, we are¬†true to type, as the final bell tolls on the Revolution monologue writing, at last we have our own first revolt against the established order. Praise be for art mimicking life, mimicking art.

Godspeed colleagues for the second module: Radio, as we’ve chosen a tough mountain path, or field to furrow, whatever it might be?

But all believers whether writers or not must follow one thing, their own heart and passion for what they must do and aways: what all will be what will be.

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