Week 13 – 14 (by Philip Jones)

I went into Digital Media module thinking: what am I doing this for? I want to be a playwright!! I’ve a hunger for craft. Not storytelling for digital media!


I have this leading light of UK theatre, none other than Ms Nina Steiger: the Creative Director of the Soho Theatre, who has a wealth of experience in helping writers develop plays in workshops and she’s coming here, now, to instruct me on the finer arts of all this made up super tech stuff springing up on the web.


There is Nina showing us all the best bits in links from the net and I’m sitting there head in hand, heart sinking, thinking, Oh no, no!


I watch people running around touching hands and coming together happy, clappy style in some Californian city, probably San Francisco and Nina is waxing lyrical. Man this is not where I want to be! I’m sitting there in the class that first afternoon, reeling, depressed and frustrated.


Nina leaves at the end of the first day and myself and fellow writing student Annie blow.


But here is real theatre, here is decision, crisis and climax, here is us getting visceral, rebelling; there was something deep and primal in us yelling, but also a connection to the core of our creativity.


And low and behold, over the next three weeks, we opened up and psychology blown are engaged; its like some great hallucinogenic trip, no chemicals, just pure passionate creativity, mainlined from a great creative storytelling mind to open our minds over three of the most inspiring weeks of my life; there is real change and transformation.


Me like my fellow students all turn up tuned in; buzzing with adrenalin and nerve wracked to the final pitch for Nina and Verity from the Pervasive Media Studio, with the most stunning and out there array of digital storytelling ideas. Have faith in the process, believe and magic happens!


Thank you Ms. Steiger for taking us on the most mind blowing and inspirational storytelling trip of a lifetime and I’m confident I say this for all of the class of 2014 CSM / Drama centre MA writers.





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