Year Two, term two – The New Writing Week (by Philip Jones)

The New Writing week has been one of the most creative and wonderful experiences of this whole Dramatic Writing learning journey.

I have been truly moved and touched – by the dedication devotion and professionalism – of all of the directors – and very strongly impressed by this group of actors.

They are certainly the stuff and magic of this thing we call theatre.

To see them through their art breathe life into the words – I suddenly realized specifically how important it was to hear and feel the beats, rhythm and lyricism of the writing.

To experience and feel the pace of the writing spoken was the most important aspect for me. We can imagine and try to feel the rhythm and pace in our heads when we are writing pieces, but to see, hear and feel it, is so important and such a treat.

It was an awakening seeing and experiencing the actor’s role – in bringing the piece to life – in living 3D – it was amazing and quite humbling – one of the greatest moments of this whole dramatic writing craft learning journey.

We toil over writing for so long so it is a joy and there is so much gratitude and thanks to them for being so great at doing this.

One thing struck me so deeply was Jordan’s story of getting up and it wasn’t moaning, but it was the stark reality of the struggle we all go through to follow our art – struggling in out having to get out of a warm bed – on a cold winter’s morning in a cold room – like all of us – we all have those days when we find it hard to get up and get out – but it touched me.

They like us give so much of their souls – yes its dedication, but its more than this – much more, its the love, devotion and light – so the art, the feeling and the emotion is lit up in the words – lit from their heart and their powerful art.

I applaud, bow, and praise you for what you create so beautifully from the soul – and I have no doubt – if the actors do stay this long course – that I suppose can sometimes can seem at times like many cold dark mornings.

I have no doubt all of them in the room – will get what they need and want.

I think for me this week has brought it all home – from finding the course online and being shown around the Drama Centre by Jonathan Martin.

Thinking then what an incredible opportunity it would be to come and learn the art of dramatic writing. In a centre that has its own theatres, actors, directors and designers.

This week has made sense of the vision and the creative potential of this academy of the Dramatic Arts.

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